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Resident Portal Directions - How to Sign a Document
You will begin by going to
You will scroll down the page until you see the user log in. Sign in.
You will then click on the Your Document folder, or by going to the Documents tab. Either way will lead you to the same place.
You will then see any documents needing your signature. Click Sign to sign the lease document.
Read through the terms and conditions for signing electronically, once you have, please click on the box agreeing to the terms. Click on Begin Online Lease.
Please read through your lease, using the arrows on the top part of the document to page through the document in its entirety.
Once you have read through and understand the terms of the lease, please enter your full name and click on sign.
Once you have signed fully, you will receive a notification. 
Resident Portal Directions - How to Pay Security Deposit or Rent

Go to

First, you will need to set up your portal if you haven't yet. You will want to use the same email address and password that you used during the application process. If you have this already set up, then sign on under the user log in.

You can also choose the tab Residents > Pay Rent and this will also lead you to the user log in.
From there, once you are logged in you will see your main dashboard. You can choose to make a payment from your dashboard or by going to the tab that says Pay Rent.
Click on Make A Payment - From here you can choose to pay the total balance, or you can delete it and type in the amount you would like to pay.
Click on details and get more information on the exact charges
To add a payment method, click on add new payment method, click on your preferred payment method, add in account nickname, name on card, card number, expiration, billing zip code, and code on the back of the card.
Please note that paying via the portal there will be a convenience fee charged, please note the fees are under the preferred payment method. Once your preferred payment method is saved, you will click submit. Once submitted you will receive an email receipt confirming the payment.